Information for guest authors

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Due to receiving a steady stream of enquiries about submitting guest articles, I thought an F.A.Q. was in order. If you are a writer interested in submitting content to, please read the following.

A few simple rules, I’m sure none of them will come as a surprise.

  • Relevant subject matter – Submitted articles must obviously be relevant to this website. Topics discussed on include branding, logo design, stationery design, SEO & social networking, blogging, web design and other graphic design related topics. If you are looking to submit articles related to any of the above fields then this is the place for you.
  • Outbound links – Outbound links are fine where appropriate and relevant to the subject at hand. Articles bloated with links/anchor text without editorial value will not be accepted. (All outbound links may have the rel="nofollow" tag at my discretion.)
  • Unique, quality content – Articles must be of suitable quality and should be unique to If you are submitting/syndicating the same article across loads of other websites then thank you, but no thank you.
  • Author credit – Naturally you will be credited as the author for the article, and you’re welcome to include a short byline promoting your services and website.

    You’re obviously welcome (encouraged, in fact) to promote the article through your own channels for mutual benefit.

Good? Good.

If you’d like to become a guest author, please contact me using the form below.