Facts about Australian graphic designers

australian graphic designer

I know everyone in the world has seen Crocodile Dundee and that it’s the greatest movie ever, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to answer a few questions I’ve been asked more than once when speaking with people overseas.

Believe it or not…

  • I have never ridden a Kangaroo.
  • Nor has anyone else, and they do not have parking spots.
  • I do not have a pet Koala.
  • Wild Koalas, a.k.a. drop bears, do not dive from trees to attack people.
  • Yes, I like vegemite. No, you probably won’t.

I have never used the following phrases;

  • Lets throw another shrimp on the barbie.
  • G’day Mate! ( without having a laugh … )
  • She’ll be apples.

If american film producers could leave the above statements out of movies, I’m sure we would all appreciate it.

Good old television.

It’s disappointing I know, but TV and movies do exaggerate some times. Hooroo*.

*Hooroo means see you later. No I’ve never said it.

7 thoughts on “Facts about Australian graphic designers”

  1. I assume it to be the same with Texas and horses. All localities are associated with animals for some reason, or beer?

    Ah Australia, looks like paradise.

  2. Andrew,
    Fosters Lager, *cringe*, no I don’t drink it. That’s definitely not a beer for Australia to be proud of.

    It’s a nice place that’s for sure, just not quite like TV depicts it ;)

  3. Jean,
    Not any more, we drive these newfangled things called cars. Like mechanical wagons they are.

    Makes getting ’round the big smoke a breeze.

  4. So true. I’m Australian, I play online games with a lot of yanks and get asked the kangaroo and koala stuff all the time.

    Asked about how I avoid getting bitten by all the spiders and snakes too.

  5. I recently came back from a holiday in the US. We had a chat with a taxi drive who was adamant that he would never visit Australia, he was certain he’d be bitten or attacked by something, ha.

    I did my best, but couldn’t convince him otherwise.

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