What kind of graphic artist are you?

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graphic artists

I hope I don’t look that delirious when thinking about type…

14 thoughtful comments on “What kind of graphic artist are you?”

  1. Kim Stevens says:

    Love it! I guess I fall into the graphic designer category with typographer tendencies.

  2. Jeanie James says:

    I love the illustration. I’m definitely not cartoon-y, more typographer (heck, I used to work on a Compugraphic). I love to design the look, feel, flow of information in a variety of media; print or electronic.

  3. When I first saw this while browsing the internet, I laughed at how accurate it is, yet now, I feel there are a few “sub-species” that could be elaborated on.

    Now I have a graphic designer family tree being mapped out on my desk. Thanks!

  4. Anna Blueberry says:

    That’s hilarious! :)

  5. Ken D. says:

    They’re funny because they’re true.

  6. Nancy Michon says:

    I love it! Thanks, I needed to laugh today. I’m sharing it around to my graphics friends!

  7. Crazy how accurate that was! I got graphic designer.

  8. Lisa Winand says:

    According to the chart, I’m a cartoonist, but I’ll never understand how someone can be a graphic designer and not be able to draw.

  9. Joyce says:

    He he, I love it. So funny. I fall into the graphic designer category.

  10. Agnieszka Czajkowska says:

    Uh-oh, I seem to have a MPD according to the chart, I’m a painter, graphical designer, cartoonist and photo-manipulator… It all fits me, except the MPD thing of course. :D

  11. Jose Neves says:

    What is MPD?

    I’m a visual artist. Other terms are just specifications of what I can do, or can learn to do if necessary.

  12. Lisa Winand says:

    Multiple Personality Disorder – right Agnieszka? ;) Most designers have that. I know I do.

  13. Agnieszka Czajkowska says:

    Lisa, no wonder some call us crazy! :D

  14. Steven Lee Stinnett says:

    Great site Andrew! Fun work! A great marketing idea! According to the chart I’m a cartoonist. And hey, I AM a cartoonist! Truth in Marketing.

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