Good Humour logo loses it’s heart

streets new logo design

With over a decade of successful branding in dozens of countries, Good Humour ( Streets as it’s know here in Australia ) is giving up its heartbrand mark and going back to its roots.

The new logo ( shown above/right ) features a stylized truck dating back 40 years to when their goods were delivered by fleets of vehicles like the one shown below.

streets truck

From a historical point of view the logo might make sense, but what about today? Streets no longer operate the aforementioned trucks and haven’t done so since the early 70’s as I understand it.

While being nicely rendered, both the truck and type are fairly generic. Looks more like a clip art delivery truck to me, while their formula choosing the right brand name for the market and combining it with their previously ubiquitous has now been shelved.

streets logo usages

Only time will tell if the new mark has any staying power, Streets wouldn’t be the first brand to recall a re-brand roll out immediately after it began.

What do you think?

Previously, I wouldn’t know a Good Humour brand ice cream if it hit me in the face. In Australia at least, it’s going to take some serious time before the new logo has anywhere near the recognition the heartbrand logo did.