Edible business cards

meat business card
Real men have business cards made of meat!

rice paper
The boss walked in on you reading a headhunters business card? No problem! Just eat the evidence.

I love peanuts, just don’t ask me how you print on one.

I must not let my girlfriend see these, I’ll end up ordering them only to have all my cards mysteriously disappear.

Your sugar fix for the day. Cookie cards.

Yum yum.

Seen any other tasty business cards? Leave a comment and let me know.

6 thoughts on “Edible business cards”

  1. You just don’t want to be the person to get the last card after they have been sitting on the shelf or in someone’s pocket for a year, ha.

    Think I’ll stick with the meat jerky to be safe.

  2. Ha ha. I love it!
    The only problem, is that your contact numbers and e-mails are going to be eaten! Ha ha.

  3. Yes! That first looks pretty good. I want to eat your business! These would be perfect for James Bond, so they can destroy the evidence.

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