Dynamic design: Namics brand identity

namics logo design

Namics is a web design, development & IT company based in Germany. After seeing their new wordmark, a near paragraph of text set in Arial, I didn’t think much of it. As I read on however, their branding took an interesting twist.

Created by design firm Heads, Namics’ new branding is “real time corporate identity”, a dynamic design ranging from a single word to billboard size bodies of copy.

business card
stationery design

What do you think?

At a glance the logo design alone might seem very dull, overall though I think the execution and especially the idea behind the branding are excellent.

One thought on “Dynamic design: Namics brand identity”

  1. I love it!

    It always bugs me that people are so logo-obsessed, when logos are really a tiny part of a brand identity. Concepts, art direction, layout standards, typography and simple colour are often much more important for recognition, differentiation and brand value.

    This project demonstrates my sentiments beautifully! (Another good example is Amnesty International. They have really strong visual branding, but it has very little to do with their logo.)

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