New stocks and typeface from Conqueror

conqueror sans emboss

Conqueror have recently added another half dozen papers to their already popular stock. To accompany their latest releases, Conqueror also have a small but great collection of fonts that are available, for free, to download from their webpage.

Available in a range of textures, coatings, colours and highly polished finishes, and ranging from 90 up to a hefty 400gsm, the Conqueror range is sure to have something to suit a future project.

Pictures are obviously a little lacking when it comes to demonstrating the texture and feel of paper, but here goes…

conqueror laid digital
Laid Digital, Brilliant White with digital printing. 300gsm.

conqueror laid pantone screen printed
Laid Cobolt, screen-printed in Pantone. 300gsm.

conqueror calligraphy varnish
Calligraphy, with a varnish deboss. 300gsm.

conqueror recycled process printing
CX22 ( 100% recycled ) in Diamond White, printed in 4 colour process. 100gsm – 400gsm.

aw conqueror carved
Onto the fonts, starting with AW Conqueror Carved.

aw conqueror didot
AW Conqueror Didot.

aw conqueror inline
AW Conqueror Inline.

aw conqueror sans
AW Conqueror Sans.

aw conqueror slab
AW Conqueror Slab.

conqueror stocks
There are dozens of options to choose from which aren’t pictured of course. If you’re in Australia, K.W.Doggett is the place to go for printed samples. If you’re elsewhere you’ll need to check with your preferred supplier.

Don’t forget to grab the fonts!

You’ll find them on the Conqueror webpage under SOLUTIONS > TYPEFACES.

4 thoughts on “New stocks and typeface from Conqueror”

  1. I love paper samples. My favourite are the ones I received from GF Smith; similar to the ones you’ve shown but with more variety of samples.

    On another issue, I see you’ve found time to dump one of your sidebars. Wise choice. I think some first time visitors will find your header confusing, though (as in, what’s the title of the site?). But at least it’s different from the norm :)

    Hope all is well in your new job.

  2. I just picked up a printer sample box ( or whatever you want to call it… ) of all their stock, there must be 300 or so including metallic, velum and synthetic stocks, so plenty more posts to come on the fancy stuff in due course.

    Yep, finally dropped down to 2 columns and I’m glad I made the change already.

    I know it’s a bit different, but the new header has been working well actually. I figure it’s not hard to work out who I am as my name is in the domain and all over the site etc., the idea was to put extra focus on the fact that I’m a graphic designer who’s available for hire through the website, and that this isn’t just a blog for bloggings sake.

    The click-able business card is getting some good action too. It’s only been a few weeks so I can’t say conclusively, but so far so good.

    Work is great. We are rolling out a network of 7-9 new websites over the coming months that are expected to rank/build quickly. Looking forward to getting back-links from them all. Ha.

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