Comic sans logo parodies

harley davidson logo

You’ve no doubt read articles by plenty of other graphic designers and typographers railing against Comic Sans, but they say a picture paints a thousand words.

Comic sans was designed in the early 90’s to be used in, you guessed it, comics. Despite this specific purpose, it’s regularly used and abused for just about anything, however inappropriate.

To demonstrate this, showcased here are a few dozen logo designs of well known brands, parodied in Comic Sans. Courtesy of Oleg Tarasov and the contributors of the Comic Sans Project.

walt disney pictures logo
mcdonalds logo
paco rabanne paris logo
orbit logo
chanel logo
Would people be paying hundreds of dollars for a bottle of perfume with this on the label? I think not.

ea games logo
lacoste logo
mtc logo
coca cola logo
microsoft logo
android logo
ebay logo
youtube logo
vyes saint laurent logo
nike logo
adidas logo
lexus logo
$100,000 for a car to have this logo on the front?

audi logo
Or this? No…

nestle logo
superman logo
mega upload logo
paramount logo
kodak logo
nintendo logo
atari logo
xbox logo
mnms logo
nasa logo
hard rock cafe logo
durex logo
ie9 logo
tumblr logo
playstation logo
microsoft logo
coke logo
louis vuitton logo
star wars logo

How would your perception of these brands differ if they actually did use Comic Sans as the primary typeface of their brand identity? I suspect it would be a great deal.

Comic Sans should not be used for everything. ‘Nough said?

Updated September 21st, with some additional logos.

8 thoughts on “Comic sans logo parodies”

  1. Comic Sans is my all time favourite font. I’ve used it many times when creating websites or logos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. No Andrew, I didn’t miss the point. In my view, comic sans can’t be used for everything but does work for most things.

  3. We’re clearly on different pages when it comes to design, Troy.

    My point in sharing this was that Comic Sans absolutely does not work for most things.

    To be blunt, for brands like the ones shown here – Lacoste, Yves Saint Laurent, Nike, Harley, Superman, Lexus, Audi, Louis Vuitton, etc. – for them to use Comic Sans as their typeface would simply be absurd.

  4. Agree with Andrew.

    It doesn’t work for 99% of things, yet people insist on using it for just about everything.

  5. Bec,

    Finally, someone on my side of the argument. Ha. I was worried I was alone for a while there.

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