Edge painting business cards

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colour edging letterpress

You’ve got the front and rear of your business card designed and printed. Now how about the sides? Edge painting, also referred to as edge colouring or colour edging, is a great addition to really make your business card stand out.

business card colour
Neve designs.

business card design yellow
Atelier Santaclara.

business card round corners
Inspiration Home.

colour edging business cards
Tina Durocher.

colour edging cards
The Ubiquitous Manufacturing Company.

colour edging letterpress printing
Elizabeth Edwards.

colour edging offset printing

colour painting card edges
BLOK Architecture.

deboss business cards colour edging
Maria Bernal Photography.

edge colour business cards
Julia Ann Ruzich.

edge colouring business card
Slate Studio.

edge colouring business cards
Emily Ellyn.

edge painting business cards
Apala Corporation.

gold business cards
Villainy and Associates.

business card colour edging
Smart Penguin.

green colour edging
Image Now Films. These cards may also be Triplex (it’s tough to tell 100% by the photo), three different coloured layers of stock, judging by the white and black edges still being visible. A slightly different effect, which can be used instead of, or in conjunction with edge coloring. Either way, they deserved a mention.)

letterpress business cards
Culinary Culture.

letterpress colour edging business cards
Nikki Nischke Photography.

letterpress printing business cards

printing colour edging
Widgets & Stone.

real estate business card letterpress
Pacific Luxury Group.

letterpress stationery design
Aphro Chic.

What do you think about edge painting?

Some printers/binders offer a limited range of colour choices, whiles others will do it in the Pantone of your choice (for an additional cost of course). Depending on which way you go you’re looking at a few hundred dollars per thousand cards to add edge colouring to your business cards.

9 thoughtful comments on “Edge painting business cards”

  1. April Greer says:

    Interesting – I wonder if it’s noticeable individually (unless you use very thick business cards), as they look neat in a stack.

  2. Graeme Erens says:

    Some cool finishes there, wish some of the printers in Dubai could print this quality.

  3. Andrew Keir says:

    Thick stock is typically the way to go. You can also do multiple layers of stock (Duplex or Triplex) to increase the thickness, which I expect is the case for some of these.

    The Villainy and Associates, Emily Ellyn, Maria Bernal Photography, BLOK Architecture and FRWD cards are all good example of cards where you can see them individually, though they are obviously reasonably thick.

    If the sides of your cards are fluorescent pink like the ‘Shyama Golden’ cards, I think they’re sure to stand out regardless.

    It’s a fairly specialised service. You may have better luck contacting book binders for colour edging, rather than conventional printers.

  4. Rachelle Dostie says:

    These are gorgeous, thanks for the post!

  5. Michele Roohani says:

    I love these but they seem like the new MOO cards. A bit bulky…

  6. Joel Carter says:

    Adds a new dimension to print design… Thanks for sharing!

  7. Andrew Keir says:

    You say that like thick stock is a bad thing.

    Rachelle, Joel.
    No problem, happy to share.

  8. Paula Mantle says:

    These are great! I love how the fluoro ones glow, even when they singular.
    I wonder if you could spray them yourself if you packed them tight enough. Could be an interesting experiment.

    Thanks for collating these great examples in one place.

  9. The Mandate Press does colour edging. I got mine done there and I love them.

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