Logos not for the colour blind

colour blind logos

For anyone not familiar with these patterns, they are used to test people’s vision for colour blindness. The Dennis Murphy (number 2) in particular, is very close to what an actual test pattern looks like, right down to the colours used.

Anyone with normal colour perception will see an orange M amongst the green dots, while the 8% or so of people with colour blindness may see only a ball of dots. The visibility of the M would be reduced, or not visible at all depending on the degree of colour blindness.

For the Chameleon and Crema Cafe logos it isn’t so much of an issue, as the form of the logo and typography are recognisable either way. For the Denis Murphy and Razoo logos which rely solely on colour, it will be a problem for some viewers.

What do you think?

Quite a move to exclude 8% of the population from ever truly seeing your logo. Either that or quite an oversight.

UPDATE: A new system, ColourADD, may soon help those with colour blindness in using colours for a variety of purposes.

1. Colorblind Chameleon – Bill Gardner Self Promotion. 2. Range for Dennis Murphy. 3. Pearpod for Razoo. 4. Cricket Design Works for Creme Cafe.