Coffee design to get you going in the morning

coffee bag design

Disaster has struck! It’s 8:00 in the morning, it’s Easter Sunday ( a public holiday ), all the shops are closed for the day and I’m out of coffee.

If I can’t start my day with a caffeine boost, a collection of good coffee packaging designs will have to do. I’ve always liked the rustic style used by many coffee brands, earthy tones and uncoated stocks. If that’s not your thing there’s a handful of clean, modern, bright packages for good measure.

coffee label design
Bull Run coffee label / sticker seal.

coffee package design
Bull Run again, a closer look at the rest of their packaging.

cafe packaging

printing cups
The new Caribou logo after their re-brand from about a month ago.

Because coffee is the heart and soul of our company, the body of the caribou is formed out of a coffee bean. In addition, the caribou’s antlers now form the shape of the letter ‘C’.”

Another significant change in the logo is the direction of the caribou’s leap. While the Caribou in the previous logo was leaping left, the caribou now leaps right, signifying the direction the company is heading — into the future

napkin design
Caribou napkins. Plenty more on the re-brand over at Brand New.

coffeine box design
This looks like one for me, Coffeine ultra-caffeinated coffee beans. I really like the handles, I’d just have to bring myself to throw out what would probably turn into a bizarre collection of wire, keys and spoons.

coffee bag design
Cordelias Coffee.

packaging set
Far Coast.

coffee boxes
Grind Coffee. This idea I particularly like, a gradient of sorts used as the intensity of the coffee increases.

coffee satchels
Milano Coffee.

mosaic sack design
A real rustic approach here from Mosaic.

reserve letterpress
I love letterpress printing, kudos to Reserve Coffee for putting it to good use.

coffee bag designs
Stumptown Coffee.

square one coffee
Square One have a great set of illustrations/label designs for their range of coffee, more of their designs can be found here.

storyville bag
Storyville Coffee…

storyville mugs

storyville set design
and complete giftset.

Mmm… Great coffee design

I feel better now, I’d still love a actual drink though…

4 thoughts on “Coffee design to get you going in the morning”

  1. Thanks for sharing this collection, Andrew. I work for Storyville, so it was great to see our packaging caught your eye. I’m sure it was tough, but hope your coffee-less day turned out ok.

  2. Kali,
    No problem, it was a collection worth sharing. I somehow managed to survive the day as well.

    I know what you mean. I gave it up for about 3 or 4 months a while ago, then had my first coffee and it was like getting struck by lightning I was so awake.

    Now it’s just for waking up again, ha.

  3. I really like the gradient on the Grind coffee. The Bull Run stickers are really nice too.
    I don’t drink coffee, but I might buy it just for the nice aesthetic of the packaging.

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