What colours suit your brand identity design?

possible logo colours

There are a whole lot of colours out there, around 3000 solids if you believe the folks over at Pantone. But what do colours mean and which ones are best for your brand identity?

Without going into every possible hue, here is a basic guide on thoughts, feelings and emotions associated with colours.

violet logo design
Violet combines the stability and power of red. It is used to symbolize royalty, luxury, elegance, romance, mystery and magic. Violet is however rarely found in nature compared to the other colours, and can appear artificial at times.

blue logo design
Blue. Stability, loyalty, trust and tranquillity. Interestingly, around 70% of children aged 5 – 15 prefer colours in the violet to blue range over any other, something to keep in mind if your marketing to children.

green logo design
Green stands for nature, health, wealth, safety and growth. On a less positive note the wrong shade of green can also imply sickness or jealousy.

yellow logo design
Yellow. Happiness, light, curiosity, light heartedness and fun. Yellow can be disappear into white however is the first colour seen against black, giving it the potential for great impact, or very little.

orange logo design
Orange is associated with energy, warmth, endurance, enthusiasm and stimulation ( not the sexy kind, we’ll get to that in a minute… ). Orange yields almost the same power as yellow but without the vanishing act when used against white.

red logo design
Finally red. The meanings of red vary from love, passion, sex ( told you we’d get there ), courage and strength to war, fire, blood, rage and death. A diverse and powerful colour.

Which colour is right for your brand?

Did you make the right choice for your brand? or is a change in order. Image credit.

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