Blog your way to a thriving website


The starting point for many freelance designers is typically a relatively small webpage, maybe 4 or 5 pages. There are hundreds of other graphic design websites out there, and while we would all like ours to be the one that appears at the top of Google and gets the visitor, if you think logically – and honestly – about it, your brand new website isn’t really any better or more deserving of visitors than any of others that are already online.

Regular blogging can be an excellent means to overcome this and continually increase the number of potential clients that land on your website.

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Judging a business by its email

judge book by its cover

They say “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” but lets face it, we do.

It just about makes me cringe when someone is investing proper time, effort and money with me to design a brand identity for their new business, and the email address they provide for their stationery is something like

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