Burnley’s logo design is a pile of…

burnley logo design

As part of an intended three year rollout and $180,000 US rebrand, the English town of Burnley, Lancashire, last week began its journey with its new logo at the helm. Really, this is it.

Leading the way for Burnley is this ball of “stuff”, each strand of which represents a different element of Burnley. Red for urban, green for rural areas and half a dozen other colours for various unspecified traits of the town.

Gordon Birtwistle, leader of Burnley Council is quoted as saying “Burnley might have been a mess eight or nine years ago, but this shows we’re on the up.”

If this represents the town today, you’d worry about the state it was in nine years ago.

What do you think?

It’s a unique logo design, I’ll certainly give it that. Three years is a long road, I wonder if the logo design will last.

2 thoughts on “Burnley’s logo design is a pile of…”

  1. Omar,
    Indeed Omar, especially considering the town is self is what could only be called classic. To take such a bizarre path seems quite out of character for the place.

    You find see a little of what I mean from the imagery on the Burnley website here.

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