Is great branding better than a great product?

absolut no label

If you’ve ever had a drink in your life you’ll no doubt recognize the iconic bottle design of Absolut Vodka. It stands to reason their are plenty of equal, if not better products when browsing the shelves of your local bottle shop, yet even without a label or packaging design, Absolut stands out from the crowd.

absolut bottle designs

With more label designs that you can poke a stick at, each as different as the next, one might think there would be little unity across the brand. Even with no label at all, they are unmistakable.

What do you think?

I don’t drink vodka, it’s a blank bottle, yet for some reason I want to buy it…

3 thoughts on “Is great branding better than a great product?”

  1. Absolut have great branding, love the black 100 bottle and the pears one. That leather bottle almost looks like a paddle for… you know…

  2. Jackee,
    I think you’ll find the leather cased bottle is a punk theme, not a spanking one, sorry ;)

    Mix us up a batch, I’ll have one with you.

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