60 brand identity redesigns of 2010

2010 rebranding logos

As 2010 draws to an end, here is a look back at 60 refreshed and redesigned logos and brand identity designs from the year gone by. For better or worse here they are, and as always there’s…

black star
The good… The Black Star Co-Op Pub and Brewery.

mtv logo
The bad… MTV.

yellow pages
And the ugly… Yellow Pages.


Ageas, formerly Fortis Insurances.


Astral Media.

Brand Australia.

taipei logo
The Bank of Taipei.

Bausch & Lomb.

brock uni
Brock University.

caribou coffee logos
Caribou Coffee.

chile government logos
The Government of Chile.

Cielo. Formerly VisaNet, Brasil.

coates hire
Coates Hire.

cousins suns logo
Cousins Subs.

dodge logos

esurance logos

expedia logo design

gap helvetica logo
The short-lived Gap logo. In the space of just 6 days Gap announced it’s new brand identity, launched a design contest to redesign it, cancelled said content, and finally reverted to their original logo design. Time well spent…

girl scouts logo
Girl Scouts of the United States of America.

new glaad logos
The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Google. Still a little drop shadow there, perhaps next year they’ll remove it completely. Fingers crossed.

Griffin Technology.

hebrew national
Hebrew National.

hodges real estate logos
Hodges Real Estate.

brand hong kong
Brand Hong Kong.


lending club
The Lending Club.

libraries logo
The Library of Congress.

mapquest logos

mccain branding
I believe this is for the Spalding Groups online store, McCainStore, not an updated campaign logo for Senator John McCain himself. The site was unfortunately down at the time of writing.

mda logos
The controversial Missile Defence Agency logo design. Conspiracy or coincidence, what do you think?

moca logo
Another brand gone full circle. The new MOCA logo is in fact their original design from the 1980’s.

molson canadian logo design
Molson Canadian.

mount royal uni branding
Mount Royal University, Canada.

ms office software logos
Microsoft’s software suite, Office.

net logo
Brazilian cable provider, Net.

Norwegian telecommunications provider Netcom.

Organic Farming, on behalf of the European Commission for Agriculture and Rural Development.

premier global
Premier Global Services, now known as… ebi? e6i? p6i? Oh, it’s PGi. Apparently legibility wasn’t high on the list of criteria for their new logo.

Radiotelevisione Italian.


regina logos
The City of Regina.

rhapsody logos

roosevelt uni
Roosevelt University, Illinois.

The online repository, Scribd.

coffee logo designs
Seattles Best Coffee.

candy logos

sorbonne nouvelle
Sorbonne Nouvelle, University of Paris.

technicolor logo

ubuntu linux logo design
The popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu. On a related note, I’ve been experimenting with Ubuntu for a while now and if you’re looking to make the switch from Windows, Ubuntu comes highly recommended. It’s effortless to install and fairly painless when it comes to learning the UI ( in my experience ).

One caveat for fellow designers however, while all the Windows programs I’ve attempted to run on Ubuntu work, the Adobe Creative Suite definitely does not, and there are apparently no plans to resolve this in the foreseeable future. Consider this my petition to Adobe to get busy on the issue.

uk space
The UK Space Agency.

uni new york
The State University of New York.

waterloo logo design
The University of Waterloo.

water logo
Water for People.

wikipedia logos


comcast xfinity logo
After a little fine tuning of their logo a few years back, Comcast have rebranded completed at Xfinity.

Yodel, formerly the Home Delivery Network.

What do you think?

A few good and bad as always. Black Start is definitely my favourite, while the Yellow Page pebble just leaves me confused. How about you?

P.S. You can also check out rebrands of 2009, and designs from 2008.

8 thoughts on “60 brand identity redesigns of 2010”

  1. Sergey,

    I’m a little resilient to the use of a boomerang to be honest. Only for the fact that it’s fairly stereotypical of Australia, right up there with having pet kangaroos and “throwing shrimp on the barby”.

    The concept certainly isn’t without merit though and I think it’s executed fairly well. I guess I’m on the fence over this one.

  2. Andrew,

    Indeed. I’m still lost as to how a casual observer is supposed to get the “pebble as a directory” metaphor. What do you think, strangest logo of the bunch?

    I certainly prefer some of David’s initial logo concepts over the final design.

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