Braille logo design for Sensata Technologies

sensata braille logo

Sensata, Latin for sense is a manufacturer of all manor of sensors and control systems. If printed in Braille the dots of the graphic element spell the word “sensata” for the reader. At a glance the logo is aesthetically pleasant, the idea makes sense ( no pun intended… ) and is admittedly quite clever. But how well does it really work?

According to designer Nicolas Aparicio…

Braille has relevance in suggesting a passion to resolve customer problems and the cool-gray-to-hot-red color flow suggests “giving life to machines.

I think the idea is clever but when you think about it, a blind person will never see the logo, to sighted people the braille means nothing, and from a logo design fundamentals point of view the dot pattern isn’t particularly describable or memorable, both key features of a good logo design.

Do you think Braille works in logo design?

I’m just not sure…

5 thoughts on “Braille logo design for Sensata Technologies”

  1. Scherschligt,
    I doubt many people would without a little explanation.

    It doesn’t spell a word for reading, but if it embossed on paper for someone who feels/reads braille it says “sensata”.

  2. Hum, I should have read the explanation more carefully, thanks.

    Not that it makes much difference…
    “Braille has relevance in suggesting a passion to resolve customer problems”…WTF :)

    Tries to be too smart, I guess.

  3. MNaydenov,

    “Tries to be too smart, I guess.”

    That was my thought as well. A similar concept I’ve seen is logo designs using binary code, or alternating symbols which replace the 1’s and 0’s.

    Again, it can be clever, but I don’t know if you’d ever get it without it being explained to you.

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