Bioshock 2 Art Deco

bioshock lp

Of all the various styles / genres of design, Art Deco is probably my favourite. The shapes used and particularly the muted colours.

When I was a kid the most spoken phrase in my house was probably Why don’t you turn off that damn video game and go… do just about anything else. Music, art, culture, none of it was to be found in video games apparently.

This Bioshock 2 artwork says otherwise.

bioshock 2 lp
The game even includes an LP of the 1950’s music featured in game. Classy.

bioshock cd cover design
Don’t fret, there’s a CD included “just in case” you don’t have a record player.

bioshock city poster design

bioshock professionals poster

bioshock andrew ryan poster

Now about that LP…

I wonder if I can dig up the record player I threw out 15 years ago?

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  1. Gerard,

    Bizarre isn’t it. Not that I’m an audio expert of any variety but I can’t think of a single reason to have an LP over a CD or an MP3 now-a-days.

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