Favourite graphic, combination and typographic logo designs

maintenance logo
Logomark for Martin Newcombe Property Maintenance.

I’d love to pretend we had sheets and sheets of sketches and refinement, but in all honesty a 5 minute chat with my Creative Partner Mark Girvan confirmed that we needed to sum up Property and Maintenance in a single simple mark, and then I sketched the solution on the back of an envelope.Half an hour later, we’d drawn it up.

I believe credit for this logo design goes to Buddy Creative. At the time of writing, there isn’t much on their website I’m afraid.

wine logo
Combination logomark for Henri Ehrhart.

The curves symbolise the vine shoots from which Ehrhart grapes are grown, as well as the hills of the Alsace region and the roundness of the grapes hanging from the vines.

Designed by David Airey, David also runs a blog dedicated to logo design, plenty more to see over at logo design love.

families logo
Logo type for Families. I couldn’t dig up much design-process wise, but there’s plenty of info around on designer Herb Lubalin.

A lot of that history, at least in the graphic arts, had been written—and designed—by Herb Lubalin. And Lubalin has been recognized, awarded, written about, imitated and emulated for it. There’s hardly anyone better known and more highly regarded in the business.

Which do you think is the best logo design?

A few tough choices deciding, so many good graphic logo designs and typographic logos to choose from.