Bad logo design in three easy steps

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When looking for anything related to logo design you invariably come across a tonne of $50 dollar “design” services ( a.k.a. clip-art libraries ) and any number of “quick and easy” DIY design tutorials, that usually go something like this…

Pick a font, the first one that catches your eye will do. But whatever you do, don’t bother with the kerning, just get it typed.

logo design
Now you need a tag line. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have one, just get something up there and again, any old font will do.

logo design
Last but not least, every logo needs a swoosh. It doesn’t matter what your business is, one swoosh fits all.

The images shown here are from 1 such tutorial, obviously I’m poking fun at the descriptions but it’s about on par with the amount of work that goes into these. This is simply bad logo design.

I haven’t provided a link to the designers website as my intent isn’t to criticize or ridicule him personally. But if by some chance he/she reads this, I have a thought for them… Who in the world is going to hire you when you’ve shown your “creative process” takes all of about 2 minutes.

The time and effort that goes into a generating ideas, developing concepts, and refining them into a working design is what makes a logo great, not the 15 minutes it takes to computer render it. If you’re looking for a quick logo design, that’s all you’ll get and it will show.

If you’re serious about your image it’s worth some time, effort and yes, even money to get the job done right.

What is your logo design process? Leave a comment and let me know.

Now if you’re looking for some good logos… Here’s 10 great logo marks, 10 great logotypes and while we’re on the subject of bad logo design, a few logo design disasters.

3 thoughts on “Bad logo design in three easy steps”

  1. As I always say;

    “Displaying your business in a poorly created, low budget, unattractive, same as everyone else light ( or worse still not at all), you will get what pitched for! A small piece of the low budget, same as everyone else, unattractive market! And guess what? Your prospects will suspect that if they do business with you, they will get more of the same!”

    Take good care and thanks for the piece.

  2. Ray,
    That’s quite a mouthful to be saying all the time :P

    If you’re looking for a logo designer, I know this guy…

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