Apple may take legal action against Woolworths for logo similarities

apple and woolworths logo designs

The trademark application filed by Australian retailer Woolworths over a year ago may now be contested by Apple to avoid potential “customer confusion”. While the above Apple and Woolworths logos ( show above respectively ) have some similarity I think Apple are, to say the least, over reacting.

Both logos in my opinion are clearly distinct. Additionally the Woolworths logo is always shown in colour where available while the Apple logo uses none, adding to the difference.

While the Woolworths logo is undoubtedly reminiscent of an apple, taking action for this reason alone would suggest that no one may ever an apple for branding every again, and I’m fairly certain Apple didn’t “invent” the piece of fruit from which they took their name.

Another important factor in copyright is competing interests. If a similar logo is developed by a rival company dealing in the same products and demographic then certainly this would merit more concern.

While Woolworths supermarket and fuel station chains deal in some minor I.T. products such as mobile phones, I don’t see them as much of a threat to the computer and MP3 player market.

What do you think?

A few steps too far by Apple in my opinion.

12 thoughts on “Apple may take legal action against Woolworths for logo similarities”

  1. Amy,
    Not enough monkeys working over at Apple I guess.

    None here either, I don’t see myself walking into a Woolworths to buy my next laptop or an Apple store next time I need to buy groceries.

  2. I read about this a few days ago, and it is stupid, it really is. If Apple wins this case, it sets a really worrying president for future cases. Like you said, they are NOT even in the same line of business.

    BTW, Andrew, I’m going to sue you soon as well. Stop using AK in your logo. It’s no excuse that you’re called “Andrew Keir”. Get your name changed or I’ll get my lawyer onto you.

    Now how stupid did that sound? :P

  3. Andrew,
    I knew I shouldn’t have posted on your blog and drawn attention to my copying of your initials, curse me for being a fool.

  4. Andrew,
    In that case I forbid you from using those paper suppliers we talked about, your too similar a customer and I was there first.

  5. It’s just a negative ad campaign. The more they are in the limelight the more the brand gets mentioned.

    But Mac need to start being careful. Too much of this sort of crap was the reason Microsoft lost some market share.

  6. Ray,
    I stumbled across something on a similar story with Apple and a New York City logo of some sort, I’ll have to dig it up but there’s definitely more of this out there.

  7. Does Steve Jobs know he doesn’t own all the apples on earth?

    A few years ago Apple tried to take on the BBC as they launched their new internet media player called BBC iPlayer, the ‘i’ meaning internet of course. At the time Apple got angry due to the use of the letter ‘i’, I suppose they own the letter ‘i’ too.

    Watch out Will Smith, they’ll be coming after your movie iRobot very soon! I think wheelchair maker iBot should also watch out too.

    To end, more shocking than taking on Woolworths, Apple took on a school for having an apple shaped logo!

    Some shapes are simply to common be copyrighted or owned in any way, and a simple apple is one of them.

  8. Good points on the branding issue. I think you are correct with regards to market niche. It is quite obvious that Woolworth’s stores are not a competitor to Apple. As a matter of fact, it could be feasible for Woolworth to start selling Apple computers if they chose to expand their product line that way.

    On the point of logo branding. Sorry Apple,… common fruit isn’t unique. I think Woolworth should have the right to use that logo.

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