AOL’s new brand identity, 60 logo designs and counting

chalk logo

It’s been a few months now since AOL launched their new brand identity. Gone are the old typeface and web 2.0 arrow, while the new “dynamic backgrounds” can be seen far and wide.

monster logo

beetle logo

big head logo

blobs logo

chocolate logo

duck logo

winged monster logo

fuzzy  logo

robot logo

running paint logo

scratches logo

shapes logo

shoes logo

casette logo

feet  logo

splash  logo

precious gem logo

collideascope logo

grass logo

hair logo

horse logo

people logo

photographic logo

paint logo

octopus logo

lipstick colours logo

mask logo

globe logo

toy logo

That’s all the designs I’ve seen in practice, judging by the Aol Artists Gallery though it looks like there’s still more on the way.

Here’s more you’ll probably see soon, if you haven’t already.

water logo

womens shoes logo

balloon logo

balloons logo

blocks logo

burger logo

butterfly logo

computer logo

illustrated characters logo

dots logo

flower petals logo

goldfish logo

ice cream logo

lotus logo

money logo

moon logo

moss logo

mushroom logo

orange monster logo

org logo

owl logo

painted stones logo

paper owl logo

pear logo

pink ink logo

aeroplane logo

puzzle logo

scribble logo

spaceman logo

squid logo

stars logo

stereo logo

strawberry logo

splash logo

swirl logo

tophat logo

speech bubble logo

What do you think?

I can appreciate the idea behind it, but after giving it a few months it’s really not for me. Has the new design grown on you?

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