Great vodka bottle designs

vodka package design

Is it just me, or are vodka bottles nearly always the best looking bottles on the shop shelves? Starting with the above pictured Samurai Vodka here’s a modest collection of great vodka bottle, package and logo designs.

vodka package design
Waitrose Vodka by David Jenkins.

vodka bottle design
1000 Acres by Arnell.

vodka bottle design
Absolut Mango, the true taste of mango. If only all mangos tasted like vodka, it sure would make eating fruit every day easier.

vodka logo design
Belvedere 80 and 100 proof vodka bottle designs.

vodka logo design
Blat vodka, admittedly the name isn’t terribly appealing but the bottle is at least.

packaging design
Blue Kube by Hoyne Design.

packaging design
I believe this brand is Boaka. If anyone reads Russian feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Starley vodka.

package design
Double Cross, another favourite.

graphic design
Last but not least, Vault.


A few there I’d be tempted to buy.

2 thoughts on “Great vodka bottle designs”

  1. The brand you called “Boaka” is actually “Starley” which means something like “lieutenant.” What you read as “Boaka” is pronounced “vodka,” which, not surprisingly, means vodka.

  2. Thanks for the correction.

    I assumed the larger red Cyrillic text was the brand name but had read elsewhere that the brand was Boaka, obviously not.

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