Business cards printed on unique media

balloon business cards

Posted here are a few really unique, though possibly impractical business card designs. People often get caught up in such ideas setting out to create something innovative and unique and end up forgetting about the functionality of the card.

The picture above for example, is for an asthma and allergy centre. It’s a clever demonstration of the importance of health lungs and great for someone to be able to blow up a balloon having conquered there asthma, but what happens when you’re having a chronic asthma attack. Do you blow up the balloon to get the number to call for help ? I doubt it.

blood business card

This is more to my liking. Just as memorable, probably fits in a rollerdex with a little effort, gives you something to poke at while your on hold too.

clothes peg business card

This clothes peg with details printed on is a novel idea to be sure, but who will carry or file away a clothes peg?

cord business cards

Business cords for the Department of Energy. I guess 1 more length of wire in a sparky’s toolbox isn’t too much of a hassle.

edible business cards

Edible business cards to hide the evidence from your existing boss. I don’t fancy being the guy that eats the 1000th card that gets handed out a year after its printed…

Now that I think about it I don’t fancy anything that has been run through a printed and delivered to me via someone’s pocket.

razor business card

I imagine this has been thought of countless times and put into practice less I would imagine. Not quite sure if that’s a paper stock of some sort or metal, I’ve seen a few cards in the past for metal manufacturers or works which had corners quite capable of cutting you.

rubber business card

And finally a rubber business card for personal trainer Poul Nielsen. This is a great idea for a personal trainer, but I guess you have someone else dial the phone number while you stretch the card out ?

What are your thoughts ?

Seen any other unique stocks? Got an opinion on these? let me know.