Clever die cut & embossed business card designs

business card 1

Here is a small collection of interesting business cards I’ve fished off the net featuring dies cuts and embossing.

There’s a couple that might be a bit flimsy for my liking, but definitely some memorable cards. I thought bite impression above was a great touch for a dentists business card.

business card 3

Die cut and threaded dog tags for the National Greyhound Adoption Program.

business card 4

Retro microphone cutout for radio presenter Chris Fisher.

business card 5

Lock-pick set for Mitnick Security Consulting.

One thought on this card, Mitnick Security provides digital and internet based security products and services. Without having looked at the company website i assumed there work related to physical security, locks etc. as implied by the mechanical lock-pick set.

A clever idea but not the perfect message in my opinion.

business card 6

A perforated business card for divorce lawyer James Mahon, one half for each of you. Not terribly sympathetic, ha.

business card 7

The same idea including stationery.

business card 2

And finally putting yourselves back together.

What are your thoughts ?

Seen any other clever cards? Got an opinion on these? let me know.