50 rebrands of 2009

opera branding
With 2009 coming to an end it’s time to look back at 50 re-brands of the year gone by, as always there are the good… Opera web browser.

xerox logo design
The bad… Xerox’s beach ball.

wacom logo design
And the ugly… Whatever the hell this thing is from wacom.

For better or worse here are they are.

airfrance logo design
Air France.

ajc logo design
The latest logo from Hewlett Packard, er, I mean the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

alberta logo design
The Canadian province of Alberta.

armor all logo design
Armor All.

avid logo
Avid Technology.

bfi logo
The British Film Institute.

xe logo
Xe, formerly Blackwater Security.

capital one logo
Capital One.

cheer logo

chicken now logo
Chicken Now.

chipotle logo
Chipotle, now I like Mexican food and logos.

citroen logo

connex logos
Melbournes Connex train system.

cooper union logos
Cooper Union.

corbis logos

dia logo

dick smith logos
Dick Smith. Unfortunately in my experience the Techxperts seem to consist of 15 year olds who can’t understand what I’m talking about.

discovery kids logos
Discovery Kids.

ditech logos

docomo logos

duane reade logos
Duane Reade pharmacies.

getronics logos

gsn logos
The Game Show Network.

hbc branding
Hudson Bay Co.

hertz branding
Hertz rental services.

kraft branding

microsoft mouse branding
Microsoft Mouse.

my little pony branding
My Little Pony, I was always more of a dinosaur figurine kind-of-guy myself, but this one of the my preferred re-brands to date.

nick branding

pack bell branding
Packard Bell.

pick n pay rebrand
Pick n Pay.

pips rebranding
Pips for hair.

pitchfork rebranding

pyramid beer rebranding
Pyramid Breweries.

rko rebranding
RKO Pictures.

ruby tuesday logo design
Ruby Tuesdays.

segd logo design
The Society for Environmental Graphic Design.

snapple logo design

spanair logo design

starz branding
Starz, another favourite. It would want to be for its 25 million dollar roll out.

good humour rebranding
Good Humour, or Streets as It’s know here in Australia. More on their re-brand here.

sur la table logo design
Sur La Table.

taca rebranding

unimarc branding

valio logo design

vcc branding
The Vancouver Convention Centre.

wgm branding
And finally WGN America, I don’t know that the new logo does much for them, but anything beats the old monster.

What do you think?

Any favourites? Any pet hates?

P.S. You can also check out rebrands from 2008, here.

23 thoughts on “50 rebrands of 2009”

  1. I don’t like the Wacom very much, although I would like to see the line-art version. Although, I think the Citroen rebrand is fantastic. Just what it needed; to get rid of those horrible pointed edges!

    Great post Andrew :)

  2. I think everyone’s pretty unanimous about the new Wacom logo, not a winner.

    My favourite comment on it so far has been “My dog has a toy that looks just like this.”

  3. The Wacom logo is so weird, what is it meant to be? I like the old Xerox logo so much better too, I don’t know why they picked the new ball.

  4. Andrew,
    I have a theory about Wolff Olins and their designs of late.

    I think there so successful and bored now they are having bets with each other to see who can successfully pitch the worst logo to a major brand.

    Picture them still sitting round the office with a few beers talking about the 2012 olympics logo saying “wow Steve, I can’t believe you sold that thing, I’m going to have to do something really crazy with this Wacom project.

    I can tell you the logo was released in sync with the companies new motto Open Up. Sense More. if that gives you any clues as to what it is. Or you might just be more confused now…

  5. One logo change I quite like this year (well I do work for them) is Commerzbank. A very traditional German Bank who’s logo is black and yellow.

    The front has changed and the yellow part of the logo is taken from Dresdner Bank who they took over this year. It’s not official until January but their website has the new logo in place.

  6. I also find it ironic that the old AJC logo reminds me of AWA (who do onsite repairs and support for Hewlett Packard in Australia) and the new logo looks like the HP one.

  7. Thanks for these “head to head” comparisons. I find it interesting how so many are using gradients that really don’t add anything (in my opinion).

  8. Jimbob,
    I google’d the old logo, I assume this is it? I’m with you, a change for the better in my opinion.

    Except for a being lower case their old logo is much the same as the A.V. Club logo too. Maybe next time for something original.

    The RKO logo in particular could do without it for sure.

  9. Interesting comparisons, but there is a danger in just focussing on the logo and judging the success of a re-brand on that alone. It means you ignore other ways in which a consumer interacts or experiences a brand, such as tone, behaviours or physical spaces.

    Though a brand logo should act as the distillation of the brand’s core idea, it is just one component that can used to express it. The old saying of, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” for me rings true in this instance.

  10. Ed
    All valid points you raise there, I do believe though that the reason for that saying is many people do judge books by there cover, so to speak.

    The initial point of contact is after all made by the visual identity alone, without any prior interactions or experiences, It’s certainly best in my opinion to get this portion of your brand correct.

    Thanks for the interesting train of thought.

  11. Omar,
    There’s a few heading in that direction, you might also be interested in reading another of my posts comparing 50 Web 2.0 logo designs compared side by side with there traditional counterparts to see the really shiny stuff.

  12. Opera could have just dropped the silly space-wasting shadow. Kraft lost it, the old one is better, just modernise it. Most improved with smaller footprint and more clarity. Ruby Tuesday and Snapple are good example of this.

    But Packard Bell went wrong way. Beats me why Xerox went to a ball. However ‘Nickelodean’ is the exception, that orange goop splat is so iconic and speaks to being a fun kids brand.

    Mouse one is cute.

  13. Adam,
    Maybe next year to completely removed the shadow from Opera.

    The Wacom logo is a bizarre design, there’s no doubt.

    From a static logo point of view I’m not a fan of the BFI design, I’d be interested to see it in motion though. I imagine this is where it shines, so to speak.

  14. Hi Mark,

    The Hodges logo design is interesting, I’ve still been seeing their old branding on signs around my area over the last few weeks. It must be very new.

    I’m about due to do a rebrands of 2010 blog post, I’ll be sure to include it. Thanks for the tip.

  15. So many of these re-brands are worse aren’t they.

    Those that I think are vastly improved include Alberta, ChickeNow, ArmorAll, and Dick Smith.

    Thanks for pulling together so many examples :)

  16. Hey Andrew,
    Really a nice collection. I like the “Avid Technology”, is this any music company? I am just asking because the logo is looking like music buttons (Fast, forword…ect).
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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