28 logos in 28 minutes

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As inspired by Logo Design Love, 28 logos seen within half an hour of waking up to demonstrate just how many logos we really see in day and the importance of good logo design.

line 6 logo

variax logo

marshall logo

fender logo

hp logo

western digital logo design

duff beer can

sol beer package design


manfrotto tripods

samsung branding

epson logo design

oakly logo

pantone colours

sony brand mark

sony logotype

panasonic logotype

asko logo

global knives logo

sustagen package

molenberg logo

ski yogurt label

western star butter

woolworths logo design

nivea blue square logo

yardley logo

gillette logo

colgate logo

How many logos do you see in your day?

More logo exposures, all in the day of a Logo Design Lover can be found here.

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