2016 Olympics candidate city logo designs

Madrid logo design

After the 2012 Olympics logo debacle, these candidate city logo designs suggest the games branding is once again back on track. No more logos that look like a 6 year old took to it with a box of crayons.

Chicago logo design
Rio logo design
Tokyo logo design

What do you think?

Personally I like the Madrid design (see it in situ here) followed closely by Chicago. How about you?

Update 02/10/09: The winner is…..RIO!

8 thoughts on “2016 Olympics candidate city logo designs”

  1. You’re not kidding about the 2012 logo looking like a 6 year old drew it, ha. I like the new Chicago one myself.

  2. Hey Steve,

    Chicago’s my 2nd favourite, whichever city wins it couldn’t be worse than the 2012 one at least.

  3. If it was just based on logos then I think Madrid would have won, although I think the red “middle finger” is a bit too suggestive. The logo really works well because it’s democratic and if they won I think the organisers could have had fun with the idea.

    I find the Chicago one a bit too safe, it’s very American and kind of a no-brainer for the designer.

    Personally I like the 2012 logo, I think it says a lot about London as an urban multi-cultural city with a vibrant youthful populous.

  4. Dave,
    I hadn’t noticed that at all with the Madrid logo, it looks like the inside of a palm to me rather than the outside and a possible rude gesture.

    It’s been a while since I read anything about the 2012 logo design, but from memory I think your the first person I’ve found who actually likes it.

    Rio recently won the games so you’ll be seeing it a lot soon enough.

  5. The Madrid one is the best. The London 2012 logo is a joke. Looks like some kid scribbled on a piece of paper and they slapped the city name on it.

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