2012 Olympics logo

2012 logo design

If you’re a follower of logo design you’ve no doubt seen the… I’ll be kind and say controversial, logo design for the 2012 London Olympics. If not, behold!

A years work and 400,000 pounds later, the above logo is what the people at Wolff Olins have given us.

Various other blogs I’ve read on the subject have yielded comments such as;

Maybe it’s just a joke, I sincerely hope it is…

The worst thing I have ever seen, a real eyesore…

This looks terrible, looks like a kids competition entry to me.

and my personal favourite

…I don’t know what you’re talking about. This logo totally encompasses the punk rock spirit London has been feeling since The Clash and The Sex Pistols made their debut. I think the 1981 London Olympics will be a big success.

Oh, wait, it’s the 2012 Olympics. Sorry, this logo sucks.

Type in any combination of bad / worst / awful / etc + logo into google and your sure to find this logo pop up in every discussion.

The logo currently comes in 4 equally repellent colours designed as “an invitation to take part and get involved”. I just makes me want to put on my sunglasses and shield my eyes.

Visit the Wolff Olins webpage and you’ll be greeted by a wall of 70px text in the same colour. May I suggest visiting one of the many sites with petitions to have the logo changes instead ?


2012 logo design inspiration revealed!

2012 logo design

David Hasselhoff riding a fluorescent Pepsi Cola bottle. It all makes sense now.

What do you think?

It doesn’t make me want to go to the Olympics.

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  1. That seems to be the general consensus John.

    After reading half a dozen blogs on the subject and a few discussions here and their, I think I’ve heard 1 person only say that they like it.

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