Google logo designs for 2009


2009 is quickly drawing to a close, as always Google have put a little spark into most of our days with a decorative logo commemorating achievements, anniversaries and events worldwide. In no particular order, here are 50 of Google’s 2009 celebratory logo designs.

2016 logo

and logo

crop logo

barcode logo

bday logo

berlin wall logo

bert and ernie logo

bid logo

cnd logo

comicon logo

confus logo

india logo

dotd logo

eclipse logo

thai logo

ff logo

gandhi logo

hangul logo

korea id logo

lermontov logo

loy logo

mc logo

mid logo

autumn logo

mlf logo

moon logo

shower logo

mult logo

mvd logo

noguchi logo

of logo

oscar logo

pid logo

poppy logo

rnd logo

sandman logo

sta logo

swiss logo

teachers logo

telescope logo

snoopy logo

thanksg logo

trick logo

turkey logo

uae logo

verdi logo

vets logo

wate logor

wng logo

See you next year.

There’s literally hundreds over at Google’s logo archive, you can also check out their 2008 logo designs.