Logo designs from around the world

scotland logo
A bit of a multicultural post today, a collection of logos from various countries around the work. It’s not so much about whether the logos are good or bad ( though many are good ) but just a glimpse at the styles of design.

First country, and representing my home team ( heritage wise… ) Johnnie Walker, Scotland. Good logo and scotch.

mexican logo
The Chipotle restaurant chain. Mexican cuisine ( though the restaurants themselves are located across the U.S ).

denmark logo
The city of Copenhagen, Denmark. On a related note, another good thing to come out of Copenhagen, the best ice-cream ever.

italian logo
Brand identity for Italy. Not a popular design, what do you think?

mexican logo
Another from Mexico, this time for the Mexican Postal Service. Not as good as the Chipotle logo I’m afraid.

germany logo
Audi, Germany. I like the logo, and love some of their cars.

belgium logo
Belgium beer brewery, Anheuser-Busch InBev.

french logo
The recent rebrand by French airline Air France.

canadian logo
Alberta, Canada.

chinese logo
The 2008 Beijing Olympics logo, China.

english logo
Believe it or not this really is a logo, courtesy of Burnley, England. A little more to read on the design here if your interested.

english logo
Redeeming England, the always popular London Underground logo.

japanese logo
NTT Docomo, Japan.

euro logo
Euronews from, well, Europe strangely enough…

norway logo
The postal service of Generic Land… I mean Norway. Such a shame they ditched their previously unique logo design.

new zealand logo
Bank NZ, New Zealand.

american logo
This mark is fairly self explanatory, if you don’t know the Obama 08 logo chances are you’ve been living in a cave for the last 2 years.

brazilian logo
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Home to the 2016 Olympics.

spanish logo
Radio Television Espanola, Spain.

spain logo
And finally, another from Spain and one of my favourites marks, Sancti Spiritus Wines.

Any more suggestions?

If you’ve got a logo that’s interesting in 1 way or another from another country let me know.

6 thoughts on “Logo designs from around the world”

  1. I actually work for a Anheuser-Busch InBev distributor at the moment but I’m not familiar with the new logo.

    The Copenhagen logo is very clever, but wouldn’t guess it was for ice cream by looking at it.

  2. Kiren,
    No kidding about the InBev logo? As I understand it the new logo was completed a year ago?

    About the Copenhagen logo, the green button is for the city of Copenhagen itself. They just happen to make good ice cream as well. ;)

  3. First three rock, I love the Audi and AirFrance ones. I never did like the Beijing or Obama logos, I guess they need some more thought to them.

  4. The one that I’m seeing still has the decorative “A” with the eagle with the InBev text, I wonder if it’s strictly for the European area?

  5. Kiren,
    I double checked my info and the new logo was released on November 18th 2008, plenty of time to roll it out so perhaps you’re right, maybe it’s a European thing only.

    You’re writing from America I assume?

    The original A w/ eagle logo was from the St Louis portion of the merger, not the European side, and has been in use for 37 years so I can understand why they’d keep it.

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