Logo design disasters

std contractors logotype

Double entendres, sexual innuendo, losses in translation and sign malfunctions. Logo design has it all.

Here’s a small collection of logo and identity design blunders from across the internet starting with this little gem. Need a sexually transmitted disease? Now you know who to call.

mammoth erection logo design
Mammoth erection. If you’ve got it flaunt it.

genocide logo design
I have no idea what Genocide does, I’m thinking… eco-friendly clothes for all your genocidal needs. Complex in their simplicity apparently…

kids exchange logotype
I can’t help but think the kids exchange logotype could use a space there.

buttram logo mark
Bill Buttram might have been doomed from the start.

black angus logotype
Ah, Bill’s favourite steakhouse.

Sherwin Williams Paint. Environmental awareness is out it seems.

barf logotype
Make your clothes look like new by adding just half a cup of Barf.

megaflicks logotype
Three words for the Megaflicks logo designer. Kerning, kerning and kerning.

crab house signage
I don’t even know where to start with this sign.

fuk mi logotype
Some things just never translate well.

master card spin off
For all your skin-tight fetish clothing, there’s Mastercard.

gospel logotype
Just in case religion wasn’t controversial enough.

hip hop logotype
Splattered blood promoting a HIV benefit, very inviting.

parents magazine cover
Your monthly subscription to Penis magazine.

What do you think?

Well, at least they’re memorable, that’s important…

11 thoughts on “Logo design disasters”

  1. Andrew,

    Some of them are just unbelievable aren’t they. Surely at some point during the conception of the business, someone had to notice it…

  2. Andrew,

    These are great! Btw, can you tell me where you saw the MasterCard (MasterCock) logo? Is that shirt for sale on a website?


  3. Tom,

    I couldn’t say where I got the Mastercard one from I’m afraid. All the pictures where gathered over some time browsing the web. I don’t remember where each came from, sorry.

  4. I went to a Sherwin Williams the other day – was surprised to see the sign – and thought the same thing. Amazing that the lack of environmental awareness got by.

  5. Andrew,

    So you do realize, I hope, that these aren’t all logos. Right?

    I’m going to guess that #1 and #2 were intentional.

    Sherwin-Williams doesn’t care since they still use the logo.

    The Black Angus sign is just unfortunate and probably happens all the time when lights go out on Black Angus restaurants.

    Barf means snow in Farsi.

    The crabs is not a logo and is an intentional play on words to sell t-shirts.

    Pho King is my favourite Asian restaurant name.

    Another unfortunate light bulb malfunction, but ironic.

    Blame the red on the color of the ribbon for HIV awareness.

    KIDS EXCHANGE is a classic.

    That’s not a mistyped mastercard logo.

    Megaflicks, ok that one is funny.

    The parents magazine? That’s just a bad cover layout, if it’s legit.

    And yea, STD Contractors is bad.

    Just type “bad logo” into Google image search and I’m sure you can find more to better fill out your list.

  6. Nancy,
    I’m sure that it has to put some people off. I don’t imagine any paint is particularly good for the environment but if given the choice between a can with a picture of an English Sheep Dog from the Dulux brand vs covering the globe, I’m sure I’d end up with the Dulux, all things being equal.

    I do realise of course, these are not all logos. This post is intended to be light hearted fun only, not a serious analysis of logo design or branding in any way.

    Hopefully the updated title is more to your liking.

    I think you’re right about Kids Exchange and Megaflicks being the picks of the litter. I don’t know how Megaflicks could possibly have left that sign up.

  7. Andrew,

    I know, I know. Just giving you a hard time. If we were in a bar together this would be me simple pointing out to you that even though a bud light may do the job of getting us smashed, there are better options out there to drink.

    Oh, and at least you’re willing to pay attention. Most “bloggers” will keep up the misinformed headline or content without any regard for its accuracy.

  8. Ngassmann,

    If our paths ever cross I’ll be happy to talk seriously about logo design over a few beers.

    Not bud light though…

  9. One of these days I’m going to make it a must stop destination on my way to Wellington to visit a good friend of mine. When I do, we’ll do just that.

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