Beautiful bottle designs

bottle design 2

Walk into any bottle shop and it’s almost all the same. Nearly every wine bottle is the same shape, and except for a contour here or there spirits will typically be square or round. Whatever the case may be, typically it’s up to the label to sell the product.

But what about the bottle? The Coca-Cola bottle for example is as much a part of the brand as it’s logo and makes the product recognizable regardless of the label.

Included here are 10 products with beautiful bottles designs. What a difference these would make when trying to stand out on the shelf.

bottle design 1
bottle design 4
bottle design 5
bottle design 7
bottle design 8
bottle design 9
bottle design 10
bottle design 3
bottle design 11
bottle design 6

What do you think?

There’s definitely a few here I’d try just to have the bottle, I especially love the 1800 tequila decanters in the first picture.

Which one catches your eye?

9 thoughts on “Beautiful bottle designs”

  1. I don’t drink and even I would buy some of these just for the bottle! Great photos.

  2. Casey,

    Amcor is one of the big ones, I can’t think of any more off the top of my head but hopefully that’s a starting point for you.

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