0 to 255. Colour finder tool for web designers

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0 to 255 is a simple, web based colour finder tool that allows web designers to instantly find lighter and darker variations of any colour, making choosing colours for gradients and hovers a breeze.

Created by web designer Shaun Chapman, the tool seeks to overcome the often awkward HSL colour picker system used in Adobe Photoshop. Instead, simply enter the base colour of your choice, and the sites returns 32 increments of the original colour ranging from white to black, like so:

web colour gradients

A click of the particular colour that meets your requirements places the hex code into your clipboard, ready to be pasted into Photoshop, Dreamweaver, or the design software of your choice.

Quite the time saver.

You can find 0 to 255 here. Check it out, you’re sure to find it useful in the future.

5 thoughts on “0 to 255. Colour finder tool for web designers”

  1. Andrew,

    Indeed, it’s bizarre ( I think at least… ) that Photoshop doesn’t have something similar to this. Hopefully someone at Adobe sees and and gets cracking!

  2. Thanks, this should save me a ton of time. In the past I took a screen cap of an image, drop it into Acorn (a photoshop clone on the Mac), figure out the RGB and then convert it to HTML.

  3. Sue,
    No problems, hopefully its a great time saver for your web designs.

    Only web design at this stage I’m afraid.

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